Adina Zupnik

The absolute highlight of my life is the amazing Jewish Center for the Performing Arts, which I am so lucky to be a part of.  Over the many years that I’ve been here I made friendships that will last forever.  The staff here are my role models, they are second to none.  They teach us skills and lessons that I will always remember and keep with me.  Dance is my top priority thanks to the Jewish Center for the Performing Arts.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for this studio.  I am so proud to be part of the JCPA family.

Office Manager

Seeing how happy the girls are and how they light up when it’s time for class is incredible!  I’ve seen so many of them come out of their shell and find self love and confidence through dance.  The stories I’ve heard of how it helped them through difficult and stressful times makes every long day worth it.


To me, Rivka’s studio is a safe place to express my determination as an artist. The teachers and directors believe in me and remind me that if I put my mind, soul, and body into the steps I aim to perfect then i can make it happen. This is a community of people who strive to support one another in order to keep dance growing in the Jewish communities in New York.


Malka Berenshteyn

My friend found your ad in the newspaper and gave it to me because she knew that I was looking for a Jewish place to learn ballet. I fell in love with your studio because I was able to receive individualized attention and because of your staff. In most Jewish places the quality of the arts is (unfortunately) not very good. So to find a “kosher” place with quality training is rare. I support your efforts of bringing the arts into Jewish communities because I believe that it is a necessity.

Amanda Spilinga, Instructor

I feel honored to work in this artistic environment.  What keeps me here is the students’ potential and their hunger for more during each class. The director expects only the best from everybody, with the highest level of professionalism.

This studio provides real training for Jewish girls and its only purpose is to raise incredible artists.  Rivka has created a place with the highest regard for the religious custom while focusing on the artistry and discipline of dance.

Mrs. Leah Zupnik

I have the honor of being a parent of a student at JCPA for over a decade.  The Jewish Center for the Performing Arts is responsible for the talented, confident, creative, and amazing person my daughter has become.  Dance school became the absolute highlight of her life and nothing comes before it.  The teachers and staff, starting from the Director, put their hearts and souls into the students and it shows in the love the students feel for the staff.  At the performance at the end of the year, you literally feel breathless as you watch these young girls dancing as true professionals and loving each moment.  Every time I think about the performance I still get the chills.  The best choice I ever made was giving my precious daughter the gift of the Jewish Center for the Performing Arts.

Mrs. Sarit Rubinstein

Due to the multi-talented Rivka Nahari and the Jewish Center for the Performing Arts instructors, my girls not only loved their ballet lessons, but gained skill, poise, and confidence in their dancing. As transplants from LA, my girls were used to an intensive, highly professional Russian style of ballet. With many of the other programs I researched the dance classes were mediocre at best. The attention to detail, technique, and professionalism was missing, and in turn I felt as though I was wasting money sending my girls. After learning about the JCPA and seeing the high-caliber program Rivka Nahari runs, it was no surprise that it would be the program my daughters would attend year after year. For anyone looking to develop and enhance their daughters talents, the JCPA is the only program to choose!

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