Regular attendance is expected. It is necessary to learn proper technique, develop self-confidence, and for the entire class to progress.

All students will be included in the end-of-year performance, for which costumes, rehearsals and attendance are also required.

You must notify us of any student dropping classes by the 10th of the month, or you will be billed for the entire month. Students have the option of dropping out of the program only until January 1, 2016.


Students may sample up to two classes without fully registering at a flat $20 per session fee.

If student then enrolls, payment will be credited toward full tuition.


Please be ready on time for class—arrive a few minutes early to get yourself prepared.

Do not bring anything valuable to the studio—we are not responsible for your property.

NO eating or drinking in the studio.

NO gum allowed in any class

Please do not allow your children to have candy or soda before coming to class.

Wait until the previous class is dismissed to enter the studio.

Hair should be worn up and away from the face. No loose hair.

No loose jewelry.

Please adhere to our dress code.

Ballet – Class color leotard (See list below), pink tights, ballet skirt, PINK ballet shoes. Hair must be in a tight bun.

Pre-Ballet– Theatrical Pink

Ballet I – Navy Blue

Ballet II – Purple

Ballet III – Maroon

Ballet IV – Turquoise

Ballet V – Forest Green

Ballet VI – Black

Jazz – BLACK jazz shoes, dance clothing (pants preferred), no skirts longer than mid-calf.

Tap – BLACK Tap shoes, no skirts longer than mid-calf.

Hip Hop – Loose, comfortable clothing (pants preferred), no skirts longer than mid-calf, sneakers (worn only at the studio)

Leotards and ballet skirts are sold at the studio. Leotards must be exact color and style. Similar leotards purchased elsewhere are not acceptable.

We do have a dance shoe gemach at the studio. Shoes may be taken free of charge. Please donate outgrown shoes to keep the gemach going.


Please be on time to pick up your children.

In case of inclement weather, call 1 hour prior to class or check our website for updates.


Students are encouraged to make up missed classes. Make-ups may be taken in a class of a lower level (if available) or in a class of a different discipline.

Make-ups must be taken by the end of the month following the missed class.

Missed classes around the time of Yom Tov will NOT be credited!